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When you’ve incurred injuries resulting from an accident the window of opportunity is very small and has to be an immediate and well thought out. What may appear to be a minor injury at the time may turn out to be severe or life threatening. If you’ve been injured in an accident, it is important to seek our advice to receive the proper medical attention to assess the severity of your injuries.

Lawyer Up Philly connects people with the right doctors to evaluate your condition. Whether your situation involves a car/ truck accident or work-related incident, we will help you find a specialist who is best suited to handle your situation and medical needs. Our network of medical partners will provide you expert advice and medical care you need to get on the road to a speedy recovery.

Why do I need to Consult a Doctor?

There are several instances in which you may need to seek immediate medical attention.

  • You require ongoing medical treatment for injuries that are not covered by your PIP policy.

  • You need medical treatment from a doctor located in a particular geographical area.

  • You require medical advice from a range of doctors for a particular injury.

  • You would like to obtain professional medical opinions or services for a loved one.

From the direct delivery of healthcare services to providing access to our specialists, Lawyer Up Philly is your one-stop source for finding doctors who are experienced in handling injuries involving car, truck and bicycle accidents. By utilizing our diverse medical referral service, you will gain access to professionals who can aid you in making informed decisions about the medical treatment you may require after being injured in an accident.

Doctor Qualifications and Credentials

Lawyer Up Philly provides access to world-class physicians with the skills and credentials to assist accident victims with varying medical needs. Our doctors are licensed in their respective states and possess the minimum experience in years needed to aid injured patients in hospitalization and rehabilitation environments properly.

At Lawyer Up Philly, our goal is helping you find a healthcare professional, clinic, or rehabilitation center that accommodate your specific needs. Every patient and case are unique, which is why it helps to have access to a broad range of medical specialists.

When you’re suffering from back pain, emotional distress, or other injuries you received in an accident, finding relief is often difficult. We have a team of medical experts available to inform you about what treatments or procedures may be necessary for recovery.

Medical Solutions for Personal Injury Matters

Each day, people across the State call our hotline with questions. These people call seeking information regarding physicians, medical expenses, and opinions needed for themselves or injured loved ones. In many cases, they’re confused, frightened, and don’t know where to turn to obtain the proper advice and treatment for their injuries.

Anyone hurt in an accident should seek immediate medical care to address their injuries. Depending on the severity of those injuries, they may require ongoing care and treatment. The medical referral service at Lawyer Up Philly is a comprehensive solution developed with convenience in mind. Below is a summary of the benefits we offer:

  • Free and immediate access to medical professionals. After asking a few basic questions about your medical situation, we will refer you to doctors, chiropractors, or dentist’s best suited to address your needs. While you are responsible for the cost of any healthcare services, our service is free to use.

  • Flexible medical consultation. If you can’t meet with a doctor in person, we can arrange for a medical expert to engage you in consultation over the phone.

  • Ongoing medical care. At Lawyer Up Philly, we help you connect with experts who can provide direct medical care, and monitor your health status during and after your hospital stay.

Obtaining a Personal Injury Lawyer to Pursue Your Claim

Medical and legal services often go hand in hand. Lawyer Up Philly is here to support both needs. We help you find injury-specific specialists who are experienced in the medical issues resulting from the accident. We also connect you with personal injury lawyers who can assist you in negotiating a settlement with the responsible party’s insurance company, or fight for the maximum financial compensation in a court trial. At Lawyer Up Philly, we understand the importance of conferring with experienced medical professionals who provide the insight and services your personal injury situation demands. Give us a call today at (484) 483 - 5877 and let us put you in touch with qualified doctors and attorneys who can help you get on the track to recovery.